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I Hate Labor Day weekend

Posted in Gardening, Life, Neighbors, Zombie Apocalypse on September 4, 2011 by dougroberson

I just finished potting a bunch of rose cuttings and posted the picture on Facebook. I guess I’ll slap it on here, too. I swear, next year’s hobby is going to be something where I can get some money back after I make it. Maybe wind chimes. You can find those in tobacco barns and McMansions. Just no more summers of working my ass off with nothing to show at the start of the fall, okay, Doug?

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The Wheels On The Bike Turn Out Of Round

Posted in Fatty, Life, Neighbors, Zombie Apocalypse on August 1, 2010 by dougroberson

I overslept today, almost until 8. I’m usually up before 6. I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s the weekend. I was still able to get my ride in this morning (before the rain, too), which is amazing after this week.

Three wheels and one tire later....

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“Love thy Neighbor; yet don’t pull down your Hedge” – Poor Richard’s Almanac

Posted in Gardening, Neighbors, Zombie Apocalypse on June 2, 2010 by dougroberson

It’s easy to tell who your real friends are. It is even easier to tell when you’re building a fence. For example… if you pull a 2×4 out of the back of your Jeep, throw it, and it ricochets off the ground, then bounces up and busts your buddy’s forehead open… and he STILL comes back the next day to help you finish your fence, that is a real friend.

This is the finished gate. Notice the crooked slats. We'll redo this weekend.

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The Magical, Magnificent Aboriginal Music Making Machine

Posted in Gardening, Neighbors, Zombie Apocalypse on May 3, 2010 by dougroberson

I’m feeling pretty sore tonight.

I was at Aaron’s house most of the weekend to assist with the sprinkler trench. This job is turning out to be a lot bigger than either of us thought it would be. Yesterday, we ran into problems with compacted soil and thick clay.

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