Who dat?

Almost three years to the day, I am making a new blog post.

Since my last entry, I eventually closed on the house (it took two months of turmoil and a few days on the hospital w/pneumonia – I already hated hospitals before that), done a lot of work fixing up the house (tons left to do), leased an Altima to replace my Jeep (the lease is almost up), shifted my career path from quality assurance to web development (same company for now), and a few other things.

Oh, one other little thing…


Jules and I got married.

It’s been a blast. She’s smart enough to keep up with me, quirky enough to survive my sense of humor, and is in no way afraid to stand up to me. We’re actively trying to start a family. Wish us luck!

I’ve started a second blog, which I’ll probably ignore to the same degree that I ignore this one: http://blog.thetechtutorial.com

Basically, I set it up as a technical experiment. Last summer, I switched our ISP to ComCast Business Class and set up a server to do my own web hosting (CFML). Since then, I set up a number of VMs for different tasks, database, mail, etc., and, as I handled the maintenance and down time involved with running your own servers, I started looking for a viable alternative. I found online hosting from a snappy little company in the UK and switched over – I’ll end up saving $50 a month just in my ISP costs, never mind the down time and extra work.

Setting up the other blog was just an experiment, in case a client ever wants me to set up a blog for them that I host.

Beaver is doing great. She’s really taken to Jules. She’s in love with cat grass, even begs for it whenever I come in from the patio.

I can’t say I’ll make posts any more often than I have been, but, unless something drastic happens, I likely won’t make them less often.

Happy Wednesday!


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