A couple of little changes…

I’ve come to a realization. I suck at blogging. For whatever reason, I am totally incapable of posting on a regular basis. Because of this, I always have a million things to write about when I get back to it.

The picture on the left? That is a house I’m hoping to close on at the end of the month. Since my last post, a few things have changed. one of the most fun ones, so far, is that I’ve moved back to South Florida.

In October, a close friend of mine recommended me for a position with a company in Delray Beach. After 15 years with Worden Brothers, I made a choice and went in a new direction. I like the company I’m working for, the work I am starting to do (now that I’m past my initiation) and I like my co-workers. I miss friends I made at WBI over the years, but, even with a few bumps in the road, it seems like all the different parts of my life are falling into place.

Bumps in the road? Well, first, I had to make up my mind about my house in NC. I kept it and have leased it out. I finished all the gardening, but I probably won’t ever see the results of my work. Unless one of my neighbors starts posting pictures – which hasn’t happened yet!

Another bump in the road was my Jeep. Not Mongo, he’s still waiting for me to finish the restoration. Right now, he’s safely tucked away in a friend’s garage, at a location both secret and safe. My other Jeep, however, outlived its useful life. Between January and the middle of March, I put just shy of $3,000 into repairs. Then the engine went (hardcore). I couldn’t justify another $4,000, counting the rental and the core charge on the block, when anything else could go next. Instead, I’m waiting until i close to lease something.

Closing? Well, it took from December 27th until April 6th to get under contract. I also went through roughly 75 viewings, 2 Realtors, 3 months living in a SMALL efficiency, and going under contract once (false start) before finally coming across the perfect house and getting it, even with multiple competing offers. That was sheer luck and the help of Barbara (the second Realtor) and Bobby (my mortgage broker). I am not even feeling too anxious about closing, even though I know anything can come up. I was worried I’d never be able to find a house i could both afford and would want to buy. I didn’t actually find this one, Jules did.

So I have to bring up the biggest change in my life, Jules. She and I went out the night before New Year’s Eve, three days after I moved back down, and we haven’t looked back since. Without a doubt, she’s the best girlfriend I’ve ever had and I have found myself looking forward to what comes next at every stage of our relationship.

I think that, even with the problems that I’ve had with Jeep repairs, a tiny apartment, and a seemingly endless housing search, I’ve been very, very lucky. Coming back here was the best choice that I ever made.



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