Back in the Saddle Again

Cuttings from a pink hybrid tea rose, courtesy of Chuck and Debbie.

This morning, I planted a few cuttings from a pink hybrid tea rose that Chuck and Debbie brought over Thursday night. One of the best parts about growing roses from cuttings is that you’re sharing your garden with others and they’re sharing theirs with you. Two years from now, the work I’ve done since last Fall will really pay off and I hope to share cuttings from my garden with everyone I know.

After I finished the cuttings, I started installing a new radio in my Jeep. That’s right! I got it back yesterday with a strong tranny installed!

It took a good bit longer than I expected to get it back. I had thought everything would be finished while I was on vacation. After all, I ordered the tranny on 2/21 and didn’t drop the Jeep off until the second week of march… but, even though they my mechanic the transmission would be delivered that Tuesday, they never managed to get the right one. the factory had us send them the transmission i already had and rebuilt it. It shifts smoothly now, and the fuel lines are fixed, but I need to have the rear axle rebuilt. There’s always something


Speaking of always something, I’d already planned to replace the radio. It was 7 years old and all the times I had the doors or windows or top off while it was raining pretty much ruined the head. The backlight would flash like a strobe and it didn’t play CDs. Sometimes, i couldn’t change the volume… but after 7 years, i’d say I got my money’s worth. When I picked up the Jeep, the faceplate was off. The garage took it off to keep anyone from stealing it. When I put the plate back on, the clock would light up but nothing else. I figured it was finally dead, so I picked up another pioneer unit last night.

When I started installing it, I realized the new unit only had 2 RCA jacks. my old one had 4, all in use, so I needed to get a couple of adapters. I went to Wally world and grabbed them, plus I managed to waste a lot of time shopping for other stuff and getting breakfast. then I dropped off a load of cardboard I had in the back. When i got home, I realized that the adapter on the harness was different. no big deal, since the wires were the same. All told, I spent 8 minutes wiring and 2.5 hours driving around, shopping, and eating breakfast. Aaron came over while I was finishing up the wiring. I ran my mouth with him for a few minutes, too.

When the time came to turn the switch on the radio, after a very simple wiring job, nothing. Not a peep. It turns out I had a blown fuse. The clock must have drawn power from a different lead. It doesn’t matter, though. I still needed the new unit! This one will charge my phone or iPod, plus it has the front input jack, in case I want to crank up the iPod. Anyway, I’m back in the saddle with my Jeep again.

I’m consistently biking 5 miles a day, with some days hitting 6.25 or 7.5 miles. Wednesday, I pushed it a little too hard and woke up with an amazing cramp in my thigh. I still have a knot there two days later and I don’t want to touch it. I rode through it Thursday and Friday evenings, but I still have a slight limp. I have never had a cramp like that before, but it won’t stop me. The week after next, I plan to start riding in the mornings before work. I’m driving myself now, so if I am running a little behind, it is okay. By then, it should be warm enough in the mornings that I won’t act like a pansy about it. By then, I hope to be back up to 10 miles a day, too. Regardless, I’m back in the saddle again when it comes to biking.

I’ve also started seeing someone new. Her name is Casey. She’s an ICU nurse and works three 12 hour shifts each week. It is still kind of new, but we’ve really hit it off and she’s a GREAT girl. If things continue to go well, I’m probably taking down my dating ads by the end of the week. I’ll post more about her here, too. She came over on Sunday for dinner and a movie (btw, she was really understanding about my Jeep repairs), and she brought over a tree rose. She gets me. Anyway, I picked up a planter and everything I need to mix up soil for us. She got one for herself, too, but already had the planter. It will be great planting them together.

So, with dating, I’m back in the saddle again. I’m ready to ride off, though. I want to grab something for lunch and burn up some gas, now that I have my Jeep back!


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