The first of the crop is sprouting

The first of my cuttings to break through the soil.

I just recently finished planting what I hope will become 150 rose bushes along the inside of my privacy fence in the back yard. I took cuttings from favorite bushes in my back yard, around the neighborhood, and from my office. I didn’t record which species I planted where because I wanted a surprise.

This afternoon, I went out between storms to check the beds. I put in a lot of work in February and I’ve been anxious for results. I finished planting two weeks ago. There were 4 or 5 that I planted vertically (cut the stem, shred the bottom, dip it in rooting hormone, plant the stem). The rest of them, I stripped sections of the stem, completely covered the stem in rooting hormone, and planted 5 inches deep. I put 3 stems in each hole, since I average one viable plant from every 3 cuttings right now.

This little puppy is the first of the buried cuttings to break through the soil. It is roughly one inch tall by one inch wide. I don’t know which of the parent bushes it came from. I planted cuttings from each parent grouped together, but I didn’t label which group was in which place. i won’t actually know until either it blooms, it grows stems without thorns (one of the parents doesn’t have thorns) or it starts sending vines out in every direction (one of the parent bushes is a climbing rose).

Regardless, I’m happy to see it. I’m also happy to report that the one cutting that survived my neglect last fall and winter while I recovered from my bike accident is flourishing in the bed. Its parent is one of my favorite bushes in the neighborhood, but this is the only cutting I have left from it. I’m stoked.


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