Lucy, you hab some ‘splainin’ to do!

I’ve been slack. I guess I hab some ‘splainin’ to do.

My last post was in August, a few days before my birthday. I didn’t have a good reason to skip posting, I just didn’t have anything to talk about at first. From August until October, things stayed pretty much the same. I was riding my bike every day, working every day, and feeling kind of down.

Nicole and I spoke only fitfully, still, and had an adversarial relationship until the end. It took a while for me to accept it, but our reconciliation was about revenge on her part. I could go into great detail, and maybe I will some time. For now, just take it that we continued to go back and forth until the end of last year. I tried to get my best friend back, but it turns out that my “best friend” was a deception, designed to get my interest. It worked and she got what she wanted – payback for the times I hurt her in the past. I deserved it. Strangest year and a half of my flipping life. I honestly believe that you never stop loving someone, but you eventually decide you can’t stand their ass. Nuff said.

So, my life in August and September looked a lot like the way it had looked all year long. Things took a turn in October, though.

I put up some dating ads at the end of September. One of them was pretty damned funny. A woman named Debbie answered that one. Great girl – smart, funny, pretty, and a real country girl. She even has a gigantic Ford Expedition with 35’s on it that she goes mudding in. We made plans to go out but the plans had to change. Everything changed.

On October 12th, I was riding my bike before work. I did about 5 miles in the neighborhood and got bored. I wanted a change of pace, so I left the ‘hood and did my “weekend ride,” which took me out on country roads with blind curves and highway speeds. We’d had torrential rains the week before and I was cooped up inside. This made me restless. Since it was still dark outside, I pointed my bike’s headlight up so that cars could see me easily.

The first mile and a half was fine, but, on Leland School Rd, the pavement was torn up pretty bad from the prior week’s flooding. I avoided the big potholes, but hit a tiny, tiny one at full speed because I had my headlight pointed up. I tried to get my balance back, but I couldn’t, & crashed into a ditch. I flew over the handlebars and face-planted. I separated both shoulders and broke three ribs (two of them were broken in two places).

I said [expletive deleted], but, aside from some grass in my hair, I still had the pretty face you all love to stare at.

A passing driver saw me spill and gave me a ride home (after I convinced him I wasn’t going to take an ambulance ride anywhere). I thought I’d had the wind knocked out of me and would be fine. I ended up getting a neighbor to give me a ride to my doctor’s office. I spent the next 7 and a half weeks in various stages of misery. That morning, by the way, happened to be Debbie’s birthday. We postponed our first date (for that weekend) and ended up having “Scary movie Night” at my place the night before Halloween. She jumps at scary movies, which was nice, real nice. I was sore the next day from where she clutched onto me. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her again until Christmas, but that whole relationship is a story for a different day.

Something else I’d started working on before the accident was my garden. I’d planned to cut flower beds all along the fence in my back yard and plant roses. The weekend before I wrecked, I did the actual cutting and took the chunks of sod over to Aaron’s compost pile. The rain had really softened the soil up, so it improved the job from a back-breaking chore into a simply uncomfortable one. My plan for the following weekend was to turn the soil and work in compost. Roses are greedy plants and if you give them a reason to root, they will root hard. The weekend, after, I would take the cuttings from various plants, plus the cuttings I was growing from a neighbor’s decision to hack down healthy plants at the wrong time of year (more on this neighbor in a later entry), and plant them in the beds. I needed to get everything done by the end of the year to ensure the best growth possible in 2011. Well, that didn’t happen for a while.

In December, I was still sore and weak but fairly well healed up. Unfortunately, it was too cold to do any work in the garden. I had better luck in January, but it was slow going. I was still weak and I put back on all of the weight I lost last summer, thanks to three months of forced inactivity from wounds and weather. If I’d had the spare cash, I’d have joined a gym, even though I hate for people to say “look at fatty trying to lose weight.”

Anyway, in January, I got some compost from Aaron’s pile. It wasn’t mature yet, but it will cure underground while the roses root and sprout. I dug a trench about a foot deep along the edge where I was going to plant, dropped in the compost and added some potting soil as I turned the top soil to cover the compost. It took a while to get the whole stretch done because I was still sore, the weather turned nasty cold again, and rain and snow came out to play. I finished it the Sunday before President’s Day weekend, which I had off. Debbie and I had plans but she kept flaking out, so I got the plantings done.

I’m on vacation next week. In case you didn’t figure it out, Debbie and I are broken up now, so the vacation I was going to spend with her I will now spend on my gardening. I’m also going to get my sleep schedule back on track, so that I can start walking in the mornings. I’m still not quite ready to jump on my bike again, but I’m interested in running. That is going to take a lot of time and a lot of work, though.

It isn’t a big deal. I feel spring coming. I’ve kept my hands dirty in the garden and the weather is turning warm. I’ve got plenty of time to get back into the swing of things. I feel optimistic. I even put my funny dating ad back up last night. Hooray, me!


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