The Wheels On The Bike Turn Out Of Round

I overslept today, almost until 8. I’m usually up before 6. I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s the weekend. I was still able to get my ride in this morning (before the rain, too), which is amazing after this week.

Three wheels and one tire later....

This has been a really crappy week. Monday morning, I was frustrated with my weight loss progress, so I decided that I would stop walking in the evenings and substitute another bike ride. The walking has done a great job of building muscle in my lower back. Because of that, I’ve had a lot less pain from the ruptured disc spinning around in there, so I hate giving that up. On the other hand, biking uses twice the calories of walking for the same time period and I need the extra boost.

Unfortunately, I only got in 5 miles that morning because I busted yet another rear wheel. That was 3 in six months. I skidded during a turn around and the wheel bent. I put on another wheel that afternoon. Tuesday morning, 4 busted spokes. Aaron let me borrow a wheel. It wasn’t true, but I got 5 miles in before it drove me so crazy I had to stop. So, Wednesday, I went to the bike shop and got them to true the one I busted on Monday. I was busy after work on Wednesday, so I didn’t try to mount the wheel until Thursday evening. It was still out of round. I took it back on Friday and one of the old timers trued it again, told me the kid who did it Wednesday didn’t do it right. I figure I’ve got it licked now, so, after work, I mounted it again. Still wobbling. I went back yesterday and got a new tire. It is still off a bit, but it is ride-able now. I’m just going to order some wheels, a truing stand, and a bike stand online and do the work myself from now on. I need to get a few tools and also some tires and tubes.

Also, I ate like crap this week, which is unusual. I had Burger King for lunch on Wednesday after I went by the bike shop (to get a wheel fixed, remember?) then I bought a spare bike off Craigslist (just a junky old 18 speed RoadMaster, I don’t like it and may sell it). Friday night, I had pizza for dinner. I put on two pounds this week, between the crappy food and over-hydration. I have chugged fluids all week as if I’d sweated out half a gallon every morning and evening. It sucks, though, because that will take me two weeks to lose.

Here is the link to the bike store. If you need to go there, get Bob to do your repairs. He knows what he’s doing and makes sure you’re clear on the cost of everything before he does anything at all – no surprises is real good.

Before we go, a couple of extra shots – my junky-assed garage is never what you’d call organized (or really even “useable,” but having four bikes taking up one end has made it even more fun. I need to get shelves, cabinets, and work benches built real soon and start making this into an effective workshop. Also, a look at the “spare” bike that i’m going to end up selling – it is the green and blue Roadmaster. The blue and silver bike with no bike wheel is actually my favorite, but needs a new rear wheel and a serious tune up.


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