Yesterday, I posted an entry about how I haven’t noticed a difference about my weight loss. Like I said, I am wearing smaller clothes and the numbers on the scale don’t lie, but I don’t see much of a change in the mirror. At work, Kelvin tells me all the time that he can tell. He’s more observant than I am, I guess. When I look in the  mirror, I still see Fatty.

I couldn’t walk after work yesterday. There was a nasty storm and the roads were flooded, lightning, between 2 and 4 inches of rain fell in one hour. I will walk in rain, I don’t have a problem with that. I’ve got a good poncho. I won’t walk around in lightning, though. I’ve made too many bad puns in my life. I don’t ride in rain if it is falling hard enough to hamper visibility. Thankfully, the storm ended last night and it was clear when I woke up today.

I overslept a bit this morning. I didn’t get out on my ride until 6:30, but I did 10 miles and then lifted weights afterwards (I usually do it before I ride). I had a real case of energy legs today, though, and finished my ride in 44 minutes. I dropped a pound from yesterday, but that doesn’t mean much. My weight tends to fluctuate about 3 pounds through the course of the day. It usually stays within a pound or two each day and then, on the weekend, I push myself and drop a couple, and the next week, my weight floats in a lower range. Weird.

Every day when I ride, I pass this guy in his 20s, pushing his little boy around in his stroller. The kid is just old enough to sit up, hold his head up, look around at everything. He is such a serious little guy, too. I always make a point of speaking to him when I pass by (if he is looking at me). Well, a couple of days ago, he started waving at me when I pass by. You have to wave back, you know? He likes it, I guess, because he smiled twice while we were waving this morning. It was nice, but it reminded me that She-who-is-not-to-be-named and I were going to have kids and would have worked on them by now. Thoughts like that ruin days that start out great.


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