“Love thy Neighbor; yet don’t pull down your Hedge” – Poor Richard’s Almanac

It’s easy to tell who your real friends are. It is even easier to tell when you’re building a fence. For example… if you pull a 2×4 out of the back of your Jeep, throw it, and it ricochets off the ground, then bounces up and busts your buddy’s forehead open… and he STILL comes back the next day to help you finish your fence, that is a real friend.

This is the finished gate. Notice the crooked slats. We'll redo this weekend.

Saturday morning, Aaron came over to give me a hand with my fence. He learned a good bit last year when he put his up. I was there for part of the job, but he had the experience and ran the show with my fence. That morning, we dug the holes for the posts, lined them up, poured the concrete, and then hauled lumber. Unloading the lumber is when I busted his head open. Luckily, his wife was home and administered first aid.

Now I can start working on my secret garden in the back yard. Really, I already started, but now I can go full tilt.

One interesting idea that I had was to attach a 10 foot section with carriage bolts. This is far less obvious than a gate and very secure, but still gives me the ability to drive a truck into the back yard for future jobs. I also had a second idea for that section – we cut four 2×4 sections to use as supports for that section….. the supports are nailed to the fence posts and will hold the weight of the 10 foot section while I’m bolting in the carriage bolts. Actually, while Aaron and I do it. That 10 foot section weights a couple hundred pounds and takes 2 men to lift it.

The fence is offset from the neighbor's so that the bedroom windows are both enclosed.

Anyway, we started around 8 on Sunday and got everything done by 4. I think. To be honest, we were so exhausted that when we finally did the gate (last), we put the slats on crooked. I’ll redo them this weekend and put the latch on the gate. Here are some shots of the project. You can see pictures of the 10 foot section I mentioned, as well as pictures of slats going up, rails going up, fence posts, and the assembly of the gate. the very last two pictures are from a house half a block away. I paid special attention because the guy who built it blocked off half of his satellite dish, which you can see in the pictures. I promised myself not to do anything stupid with my fence before I put slats on crooked on the gate).


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